Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spotted by Alicia

Yesterday Alicia text me the fact that she saw 2 long neck white birds with orange beaks around the Arts canteen and reported that she saw them last semester at the tennis courts at Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) too. She was so detailed she gave me the exact time she saw them, once at 1140 and another time on the same day at 1415. They were suspected to be the same 2 birds, most likely to be Egrets but not sure which species of the lot.

Personally, I have also seen Egrets in school but that will be during the semester break periods where they are found near the soccer field at SRC. A coffeeshop talk with Si Gium and Mr Siva at the famous Block 40 revealed that the Egrets are probably looking for food like toads and insects on the field. If the Egrets were to be denied entry in any way, the population of anurans will increase. Alicia see, maybe this is the reason you do not find frogs and toads around easily!

I just received another message from Alicia stating that she saw another brown changeable lizard, a Calotes versicolor outside LT27 Co-op. This brings up the number of lizards to 5 which Alicia has spotted for this semester (including the one which died in her room).

Always keeping my eyes peeled.

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