Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rain, rain,go away...

I laid 19 traps yesterday, all with nice-smelling you char kway. I retrieved ZERO rats today. The cause of it: the never ending rain since the time at which I set the traps. I actually had to run from the rain when I was finished with the traps.

The result: no rat within the traps but only ants and ants' nest. Had to change the soggy, not-so-nice-smelling you char kway to fresh ones and set the 5 other traps which I missed out on yesterday due to the rain.

If the ants come to the dough sticks before my mammal does, I think the mammal will not be interested in the dough sticks anymore. I'm quite afraid that the mammal will be bitten by the ants if trapped in for too long.

I hope it will not continue raining, but I think Alicia will be happier if it does. Today toads are croaking non-stop everywhere. But she happens to be in Malaysia.


aliciatan said...

where did u hear the toads' call?


Sivasothi said...

Alicia, come back quickly, before the toads get a sore throat!