Friday, February 29, 2008

How would a bird feel when it was fogged out?

Why would anyone care, you would say. But I had a taste (almost literally) of what it means to be engulfed in a cloud of fumes. I was doing some bird watching, minding my own business when I see white. The low humming of the generator of a pump and white smoke. No need for further clarification, they are fogging the place!

A previous year-long stay in Old Kent Ridge Residences, also known as Ridge View Residences has taught me something. Never leave your windows and doors open on Thursday as that is when they fog the campus.

Usually, I would brush it off. Until I started on this UROPs module that I realise the fauna in our own backyard is fogged out by us. We are murderers! Well, not really, we did not actively kill them; but some definitely died in the stead of the mosquitoes - the cause of routine fumigation.

Not only was I chased out of the forest, I did not get any mammals in the trap either.

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