Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The difference between a second timer and an experienced bird watcher

Well, at least I spotted some 12 species of birds! True, nothing compared to the day when we went out together with Si Gium (21 species). The difference would be that I note down the bird only when I can see and differentiate them. Si Gium on the other hand, can spot the difference with the callings of the birds!

Here's the not so short list (26th Feb 08):
1. Swiftlets
2. many White-vented Myna
3. many Yellow-vented Bulbul
4. many Sunbirds
5. Pink-necked Pigeon (once on a tree on the ridge, once outside Co-op at LT 27)
6. Brahminy Kite (caused quite a commotion every time it appears, with the sunbird leaving their roost)
7. White-throated Kingfisher (spotted by Dexiang)
8. Cuckoo (heard)
9. Cockatoo (heard)
10. Koel (heard)
11. Crow (seen and heard consistently)
12. Oriole (over NUH)

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