Friday, February 29, 2008

Birdwatching on 29 Feb 08

Weather: Threatening to rain (though it rained last night)
Start: PGP

Bird List:
1. White-vented Myna
2. Black-naped Oriole
3. 2 Collared Kingfishers (seemingly getting ready to mate)
4. A grey-vented bird with white rings roung its eyes which we could not identify.
5. A brown bird in the bush near NUH with a fan tail spotted by Edward, which was off before we could identify.
6. A bird in the woods behind KEVII Hall with a magnificent white crown and white chest, which we again failed to identify.
7. Sunbirds (one of which was a purple throated female)
8. Cockatoo
9. Swiftlets
10. Pink-necked Pigeon
11. Yellow vented Bulbul
12. Crow (heard)
13. Woodpecker (heard)
14. Koel

Note: No luck with the mammal traps today either. it probably rained over the night and the animals did not come out. One other strange thing was, the YCK baits are mysteriously disappearing though the traps did not shut.
Possible explanation 1: The ants took it.
Possible explanation 2: The rain made it soggy and it fell off the hook. Then the mammals took it without having to trigger the trap.

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