Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kent Ridge with my sisters (12jan08)

Hohoho! Never have I thought I would include my sisters into my project. My younger sister is too bratty and my older sister is too grouchy. I don't think they will read my blog so never mind!

A little introduction to my older sister Maria would be a previous supervisor in Far East Flora, so she would know the names of ornamental plants well. My younger sister on the other hand is a student in Singapore Polytechnic undergoing a diploma course in Landscape Architect and she likes to go around putting names to plants and trees around Singapore, which actually irritates the hell out of me, previously.

We went up Kent Ridge Forest Area via the stairs at S2 and walked around with a lookout for different plant species. Acacia would be an indication of lousy soil type as it is a species commonly found along beaches, with distinct abscissed crescent-shaped leaves that are not degraded normally. Adinandra dumosa, more commonly known as tuip tuip would dominate the forest area, with other prominent plants like figs, simpoh air, fish tail palm, tembusu and sea apple.

There were two plots that are predominated by Acacia, behind Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), and the stretch behind National University Hospital (NUH) and the Brenner Centre. Obviously these plots are quite bare, with little or no fruit-bearing trees, other than the Simpoh air shrubs and small fig trees lining Kent Ridge Road. My suspicions are that these are planted. They look right out of place flanking the roads like that!

The fragments of forest area are mostly slopes that are quite steep which will pose problems during the survey, as I feel that it would be difficult to get insects or mammals on a slope. Well, I think Audrey and Dexiang would hope that I will be proven wrong. Till then.

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yeah you are right. Those fig trees are planted. check out